Academy Program



Understanding the numbers

  • Calculation of Business Value
  • Business Profile Scoring
  • Net Worth Indicator
  • Burn Rate Calculator
Revisit and Reissue Reports after workshops
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Workshops (Year 1)

Business & GAP Assessment

  • Organizational & Compliance Assessment
  • Create Custom Tax Efficiency Plan
  • Benchmarking your Business to Industry, Profitability Analysis & Creating Financial Management Tools
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Workshops (Year 2)

Strategic Business Services

  • Working Capital Needs Analysis
  • Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting
  • Strategies for Growing Business Value
  • Monetizing your Business (Exit / Succession Planning Strategies)
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Our Academy Program – Partnering with SPM&Co

The Academy program – breaking the CPA mold & fueling client success. By joining the Academy, not only do we work with you to satisfy your regulatory compliance obligations (as the Academy incorporates all the benefits of the Advantage program), but we also foster a partnership that extends far beyond the confines of tax return deadlines and financial reporting requirements. It is as much about the engagement at hand as it is about maintaining a permanent partnership with our clients – a continuous journey to designed to help achieve a vibrant future for their company, their employees and themselves.

Who is this best suited for? For those clients who want more! More planning, more pro-action, more help with implementation of decisions, more guidance on what drives sales, income, cash flow, etc.

How does this work? We start by figuring out where you are and then through 1 on 1 workshops, we work with you to develop a great path forward to achieve your goals, to accelerate growth and provide forward-thinking information relative to your success. We work closely with you to ensure that effective reporting, accurate forecasting and sophisticated analyses are in-place and accessible to solve real business problems and drive better results.

Transparent information on both current and future financial performance, presented in a meaningful and concise manner, is the foundation upon which entrepreneurs engineer growth. With dynamic and forward-looking financial planning and analysis, modern enterprises can build and sustain decision-making cultures and fuel future growth.

The Academy provides the critical analysis and advisory needed to make smart business decisions and ensure your organization is in the most advantageous position strategically, financially and operationally.

Academy Workshops

Year 1 Workshops benchmark your business to its industry, review the businesses profitability and cash flow generating ability, create financial metrics and management tools – and set out to address many of the following items:

Organizational Services

Analysis of Corporate Agreements
Business Expense Analysis
Accounting System Review
Chart of Accounts Analysis
Accounting System Clean Up
Review Status of Corporate Books
Risk Mitigation Analysis
Entity Selection/Corporate Structure
Business Plan Review

Compliance Services

Tax Preparation and Filing:
– Corporate
– Personal
– State
Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Review of current payroll process/provider
Payroll Services
Annual Corporate Filing (State)

Tax Efficiency Services

Create Custom Tax Efficiency Plan
Capital Needs Analysis
Personal/Corporate Tax Review
Audit Risk Review
Owner Compensation Strategy
Accountable/Reimbursement Plan
Review of Auto Expense Policy
Fringe Benefit Analysis
Self-Directed Retirement Plans
Independent Contractor Vs. Employee
Hiring Family Members
Passive Income
Rental Property Strategies
Maximize Tax Credits

In year 2, the Workshops seek to establish and implement strategy.

Year 2 Workshops continue to build upon the work in year 1 – we continue our industry analysis and utilization of financial metrics and management tools and look to take a deep dive into many of the following items:

Strategic Financial Services

Create Financial Management Tools
Strategies for Growing Business Value
Managing Debt/Leverage
Profitability Analysis
Balance Sheet Analysis and Strategies
Review Succession/Exit Planning Strategies
Monetizing Your Business

Review of Financial Management Tools
Cash Flow Planning and Forecasting
Working Capital Needs Analysis
Support Acquisition of Financing
Rent Vs. Buy Analysis
Feasibility Studies
Acquisition Due Diligence

At the end of each year, we revisit our business scorecard, reassess, determine our progress, recast the calculation of value and then make our plan for the coming year.

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