New Year, New Website, New Blog

Welcome to the new website and blog – as we start our 5th year in business, I am super stoked to have the new website, built by Community Web Development, up and running.

The objective for the blog is to be a place to get information out and have some fun. It will be purposefully somewhat self-indulgent, while at the same time, my sincerest intentions are to enlighten, educate and if I may be so bold, entertain those that take notice.
I will share information relative to our clients, our industry  and our community – in two formats:
1) on the 15th of each month (since we tend not to have anything to do on the 15th I thought that was perfect day) I will post in a bulleted format 6 things that I found interesting over the past month – why 6, because of 6 buoys in a waterski slalom course – and the goal is to get them all; and
2) on an ad-hoc basis, e.g. when the mood strikes, I find something worth sharing and offering thoughts on, there is a new release that our clients can’t wait to hear about, or the like.

I encourage you to comment and ask questions about something you want to hear about or would like have clarification on.

I note (and disclaim) that in much of our professional lives we are dealing with laws and code – set by government officials, some elected, some appointed, some employed – often, information will be presented coming out of that world and will do our best to remain apolitical in doing so.

So what is “Stacked Value” – well…

“Stacked” is a term in the waterski world, it is an adjective, and used to described the best aligned body position for crossing the wakes behind the boat – you know it when you see it, because it looks effortless. It is simple to talk about in the boat or on the dock but tougher to master – occasionally I pull it together for a run and it feels amazing, but I’m not yet consistent – working on that, just need the lake to thaw!

To really understand, check out this video by Marcus Brown, “So you think you can Stack

“Value” comes in to play because I feel the best way to run a business – whether it is a closely held business, or family business, or a larger business with many shareholders, is to make decisions based on their impact to enterprise (business) value – with the goal being to grow the value of your business and unlock wealth. The focus on enterprise value growth is a terrific business strategy – one that brings together, focuses and aligns business, personal and financial goals. Implementing value improvement as the overriding decision component is an appropriate, and quite possibly the best way to run and build a successful company. It provides a terrific roadmap and acts as a bodyguard for unplanned events. Well run companies are recognizable because it looks effortless, clients and customers are true fans, the employees are engaged, ownership isn’t talking about how “busy” they are, they are talking about how impactful they are.

So there you have it – the combination of two things I’m trying to master – and if we can align ourselves properly, whether personally in sport and/or life, and our businesses… just imagine.

Just like any best practice, easier to talk about then to master, but the challenge is absolutely worth the reward!