Our Story

SPM&Co was founded to encourage business owners to go beyond the small-scope annual process of standard tax compliance. Specifically, SPM&Co wanted to aid in helping business owners navigate through the trials and triumphs of owning a business. Utilizing a business owner’s perspective, knowing that sometimes it can be lonely at the top – we step in as confidants and trusted advisors, delivering support and advice to our clients that assured them that they were not alone in the planning and decision-making processes for their company.

Accountants are extremely impressive people, truly they are, one knock on us however is that we can’t help ourselves but look backwards – unfortunately, businesses operate in the present and decisions should be forward looking. The past is a sunk cost (accounting vocab 101) – we shouldn’t spend our time there as business owners. SPM&Co’s Forward Focused approach ensures we won’t.

Identifying this shortcoming in the industry, from the beginning SPM&Co always took a “big picture” view of client’s needs, goals and objectives while also taking the time to understand all the moving pieces. In deference to Andrew Carnegie who said “All great decisions look forward” this big picture view is instrumental in helping our clients find effective solutions that drive revenue, structure tax and cost savings, and increase cashflow for their business and ownership. This view and plan of action has set us apart from others in our industry and is the reason our company has been able to grow solely on referrals. As we worked to refine and enhance our service delivery, we found that a roadmap to ensure client success was a critical component to our process. This is why we established our tailored programs: Advantage, Ascension and Ascension+ – to engage business owners to learn with us and feel confident not only about their annual tax compliance but also their business dynamics and standing future success.

While the programs set us apart, SPM&Co takes pride in being recognized for the exceptional and unique experience that we provide each of our clients, always. This is achieved through mutual understanding that we are true partners throughout the experience. Aligning best with those business owners, who like us, are passionate about what they do and are engaged in the process – we see our partnerships as a collaboration that thrives on responsive communication, organization and problem solving. Most of all we want our clients to see our partnership as a beneficial investment rather than an expense. This perspective will serve for an exceptional experience on both sides.

Through our emphasis on relationships, innovative and forward focused advisory services, seamless optimization of communication trends and technologies, and our approachable and knowledgeable team, we continue to evolve and find first-class solutions for our clients to assist them in gaining connected knowledge to lead their business to its ultimate measure of success.

To ensure this, SPM&Co holds our partnerships and our internal teams to a high standard by reflecting our core values in every practice. We apply these values to support our own internal success while also applying and delivering them externally to our clients. This keeps us accountable, committed, and focused on delivering the best possible results, that in turn, have a positive impact on our community, team members and our clients and families.

Experience is the #1 Thing

As engaged community members and trusted advisors, we work closely with each of our clients to deliver maximum results by offering a welcoming atmosphere where they can openly ask questions and express concerns thus helping us configure the next steps, we need to take to ensure business success. We work hard to optimize our strategies and techniques so that our clients receive the best possible outcome for their personal growth and business future. Our most prominent intention would be to ensure a unique and exceptional experience that adds value to both our clients and our team members.

Grow or Die

In an ever-changing landscape of new rules and regulations, we pride ourselves in being forward focused thinkers that drive innovation in the strategic tax planning field. We stay current in trends and variances that will affect our clientele and continue to educate ourselves in better practices and technological advances everyday so we can ensure we are the best resources for our partnerships and community.

Helps First

When conducting business, we know the road can seem long and uncertain with many questions and unknown external factors. We enter each of our relationships striving to be a trusted advisor and confidant that can be turned to, to ease any worries and help lead you to the road of comfortability and success. As we see ourselves as neighbors and active community members who understand the importance of business and community growth, we are committed to helping clients find confidence and peace of mind within our partnership.

“Do your Job” Mentality

Our team works every day to improve the way we do business. We believe that we are forward focused in our profession and understand that to keep this direction we must hold ourselves accountable and be willing to persevere and adapt to any situation or specific need of our clients. Through our commitments to our clients, we are thorough and consistently expanding our knowledge in the field and refining our skillset to better serve our community and deliver strong results.


Our team is comprised of individuals with the highest leadership quality. That said, they do not boast on succession of titles or status, rather they are permeable with the needs of each client and can lead in the right direction based on their built credibility and standard of execution during day-to-day actions. They work hard and do not stay complacent; they evolve with the changing environment to supply first-class solutions and advisory services to our clients.

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