Money Can’t Buy Happiness But It Could Buy Me A Boat

The IRS has released its statistics from 2019 filed tax returns… great, maybe now they can start answering the phone.
This is interesting data and will be utilized for all kinds of important matters, such as:  census data, political wrangling, arguments for/ against income inequality, arguments for/ against “paying their fair share”, informing tax policy and enforcement matters, and measuring contests… to name just a few.
What’s the breakdown? Keep going and find out!

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Deadlines, PPP and EIDL – Oh My!

This is not a drill! We cover all the recent updates and new information regarding tax deadline shifts – what is included and what is not, the second draw opportunity for the Paycheck Protection Program and the targeted EIDL advance application.

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Productivity Hack: Taking E-Mail from Foe to Friend

Email isn’t going away anytime soon; it will continue to reign supreme in the business hierarchy of communication for quite some time, so we must find a way to make it work for us, rather than dictate our work.

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