Do Your Job

As the Patriots prepare for their first playoff game their mantra of “Do Your Job” rings loudly for fans. That call of “Do Your Job” had me asking what exactly is “my job” as the business owner – hopefully it was more than simply “whatever no one else wants to do?”

Having a business owner job description is just as important for you as a job description is for anyone you hire. This description helps define what your job is…and what it’s not. It outlines your duties and responsibilities. It helps keep you focused and efficient—and it keeps you accountable.

As a business owner, you’re the boss. You’re the person people turn to when a question needs answered. You’re a counselor. You’re a mentor. You see the “big picture.” But how is this translated?

The business owner job description should set out to answer and establish the following criteria:

  1. Set boundaries;
  2. Claim your role as:
    1. visionary,
    2. chief strategist,
    3. culture and brand ambassador, and,
    4. overall “go to guy or gal” for all things at a MACRO level (not the minutia);
  3. Foster Development and Tone at the Top; and,
  4. Increase efficiency.

So…to heed the Patriot’s call of “Do Your Job” I first had to be clear about the role that as the owner, I should be playing at my practice. In addition to the criteria above, there is an additional, and critically important role that a CPA must answer and that is of “Trusted Advisor” to his/her clients – and that is why client account management is my top priority as a CPA owner.

Clearly, in order to live up to this role, I have to spend time meeting with, listening to and trying to understand what keeps our clients awake at night (i.e., understanding the concerns, opportunities and goals they are trying to address at this time). It entails acting as our clients’ sounding board and helping them uncover issues they should address on an on-going, year-round basis. Through understanding the needs of our clients, we can live up to our profession’s mantra of being our clients’ most trusted business advisor. We become (and/or remain) the first point of contact when our client has a business problem. Most CPAs are already the first point of contact regarding a financial or tax problem, but that is far different from being our client’s most trusted business advisor.

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